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Installs: 28720
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Country: United States of America

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Description :
Who doesn’t love games on their mobile, we created this GameZilla app for Android and published in market before 5 months and the response was massive. So far there are 28,720 installs and growing.

Whether the users are waiting idly in a hospital or traveling in a train or they just want to pass off time - Lay their hands on 500+ games on 4 different categories and wiz their spaceship past an asteroid or turn their mobile into a 1980’s retro arcade game. 500+ games across various genres like action, sports, arcade and so on. Users can turn their mobile into a jigsaw puzzle or start sweeping mines in ‘Mine sweeper’, they will never realize that time has been swept away in these myriad of games.

Although I wouldn’t have decided to sell this app at all, but coz of my personal problems I have give this app away in order to raise money ASAP and clear few debts which is bugging me for quite a long time now.
Revenue from banner advertisements:
With more than 28000 installs and average of 4 stars rated Game Zilla stays on top under games category in the market. Despite huge user base we never concentrated on monetization since we wanted to grow the app user base to 100K first and then monetize it. You could make more money turning this into a paid app or post ads during game play via in app ad networks and earn money out of it.

Associated Cost:

We spend ~$200 per month for managing this app. A team of two resources both android developer working part times aggregates free games and integrate into Game Zilla and also work on back-end maintenance/modifications when required. I will be able to connect buyer to these guys if he would like to continue with this team otherwise he can easily get several devs from portals like freelancer, odesk etc.

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