Learning Process to Sell

Selling unlaunched Android applications on buysellApp?

At buysellApp, buyers will make bids on android applications enlisted by you for auction.

Selling an Android application on BuysellApp involves listing the applications for public auction.

While creating your listing, you'll choose:

  • a starting price - for bids or offers
  • an optional Buy it know price at which you are willing to sell the application and end the auction immediately.

Create a detailed listing -- Stay near your email inbox for any question buyers may want to ask before they make a bid.

Once your android applications sells in an auction, buysellApp will send you the winning buyer's details, for completion of the transfer of application.

The modality of payment collection and transfer of application is left to you and the winner of the auction to negotiate.

Our suggestion will be for you to work these out with the buyer before you accept their bid.

Your Android application will be eligible to sell in an auction if:

  • Your App owners mail Id is relevant and is same as the market place id and
  • You accept a buyer's bid

In a situation where both these conditions are true, your auction is declared won, and you're then legally bound to sell the Android application for the price of the highest accepted bid.

If you have any questions about selling Android applications on buysellApp please contact our support team, who'll be happy to help you.