• What information must I provide about the Android application I'm selling?

    The more detail you can provide about your Android application, the better auction value you will get.

    Buyers want to know as much as possible about your Android application, so we don't let sellers hide information from public view. For example:

    • don't leave out information and ask buyers to PM you for it instead
    • don't submit abbreviated or shorthand for your listing

    If a moderator sees that you've failed to disclose some information, we'll suspend your listing until you amend it.

    Here's the information we ask you to include in your listings.

    Some of the data you provide will be verified automatically with external services and some potential problems will be flagged to users.

    Android apps listings

    Must-have information:

    • Verified email id
    • revenue figures or estimates (you can claim zero revenue if you like)
    • average unique visitor and page view totals per month
    • whether you want to sell at public auction
    • listing title and short description of the apps
    • descriptions of your revenue and traffic to accompany the listing
    • a reserve price if you're selling at auction
    • a starting price

    Nice-to-have information:

    • whether the content is unique
    • whether the design is unique
    • monetization methods you've used
    • tags to make it easy for buyers to find your listing and
    • you're happy to sell the property on the spot for a given price
  • How do I relist my Android application if it doesn't sell?

    If you list a Android application on BuysellApp and it doesn't sell, you can relist it easily without any charges just you need to re-enter all the Android application details similarly as you had done before.

    To relist your Android application, enter your login details and add you listing.

  • Can I sell pirated or copyright-infringing Android apps on BuysellApp?

    No. Android apps containing pirated or copyright infringing material or based around linking to pirated material (e.g., pirated software torrents) are not permitted for sale on BuysellApp.